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Lost and Found

I lost my home this month. I know my past, I know my roots, but those ideas no longer inhabit a physical space on this earth...at least not one I can ever go back to.

As I went through my old room for the last time, I found a chest. What later turned out to be a literal treasure chest, filled with the most precious of memories.

Within, I found a book of poems, written by my 6th grade English class. Nothing that I had written was anything worth sharing, but there was a poem by a boy named Bien Bermudez (deserving of credit) that really moved me.

I feel the need to share the poem here, so that it can keep existing in cyberspace long after I've recycled the notebook that contains it.

"My Brother Who's in the Navy"

when I was little
he took me to the park
and when I fell
He told me to get up
don't cry, he said

My brother who's in the navy
taught me to swim
to use my head
to be tough

My brother who's in the navy
taught me only to fight
when I must
and when I'm losing
to never give up

My brother who's in the navy
loves me.

Every Morning

I think I would have been a lot worse off in life without the music of Sugar Ray.
I should be outside.




I'm going to take my Star Wars Atlas, and go to the beach.


He loves me. :)


I'm in love.

Moving right along

I'm graduating in 3 hours!!!

Twenty bucks says my heels make me bleed by the end of the day. :)

Generation Fail

There is something seriously wrong with our generation.

Texting during a movie?

I'm sure we've all seen this, but it just really blows my mind that someone can't just enjoy a movie anymore. The movie isn't enough. You have to be watching Confessions of a Shopaholic AND texting your bff. That girl's just lucky I didn't kick her head in.

Friends Only

Credit to wicked_visions for the banner.

They have like...lives and stuff!

Seeing your professors out in the "real world" is always so awkward. And unexpected. And then you feel obligated to say hi, because it's awkward, but watching them eat and socialize in a non-classroom environment is like a train wreck: You can't look away! I felt like I was stalking my summer math teacher my entire meal. I also made both myself and Terrance look like idiots.


Yoda kitteh

Humorous Pictures
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Pure awesome and win.


Never Grow Up
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